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Look around; the way people communicate with one another has changed dramatically over the last few years. And although it may come as a surprise to some — including you — because of these new trends, “traditional” marketing strategies and public relations tactics that have been used for decades by businesses, organizations and institutions across the globe no longer pack quite the same punch they used to. In fact, nowadays…it’s not even close. 

Now before you panic, please know that yes, there still is a place for billboards, direct mail campaigns, press releases and T.V. commercials in today’s society. But due to the Internet’s increasing ability to shrink the gap between space and time, and the explosion of new media, social networking and other Web 2.0 applications, the tools of yesteryear no longer stand a chance of fulfilling the demands for instantaneous and consumer-specific communication that have become synonymous with our fast-paced, technology-driven world.

Co-founded amidst the Great Recession by then-Seton Hall University graduates Peter Kelly and Jeremiah Sullivan, Framework Media Strategies (FMS) is a boutique, full-service integrated marketing communication team helping clients bind the power of new and traditional communication tactics together to better achieve their business, marketing and public relations goals.

At FMS, we’re doing what we love and we love what we do. Backed by our passion for creativity, thirst for research and innate ability to get ahead of tomorrow’s trends, no matter what combination of strategies and tactics our team is employing for clients, the goal remains the same: to tell the right stories, to the right audience(s), via the right forums at the right times. Oh yeah, and don’t forget measuring the heck out of the results too.

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